Even the Pro’s need lessons

I thought I’d share with you all the proof that I’m a student of the game just like everyone else and I definitely haven’t mastered it…… Yet!

This Friday here at the Inclusive Golf Academy at Leamington and County Golf Club we had the pleasure of hosting current Irish International Maria Dunne, a fellow PGA professional, Luke Eggleston and a very well respected Ryder Cup and European Tour coach, Gavin Cristie who in a long career has taught a host of European Tour players including Ryder Cup players such as Ian Woosnam, Gordan Brand Snr, Howard Clarke, Mark James and very recently he helped Roger Chapman to win 2 senior majors in the one season.

It was a fantastic opportunity for us all to get together and share our opinions on the game and Gavin kindly agreed to watch us play and give his knowledgeable opinion on where we currently are with our game and how we can continue to improve and become better players.

I think what this highlights is that if 2 PGA professionals and and Irish international are continually having lessons and striving for improvement then it wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to do the same.


If you would like any help with your game dont hesitate to get in touch.


Chris Thornton


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