What are you thinking about???

Have you ever found your thoughts wandering towards tangents like this??

“don’t go left”

don’t hit it in the water”

“please don’t 3 putt”

“don’t go in that bunker”

“There’s out of bounds over there”

The list is endless.  I hear comments like this from players all the time. It’s an incredibly negative mindset to focus on where you DONT want to hit the ball. Try the following steps next time your on the golf course  and I think you will be surprised at the results.

#1 – Focus purely on where you want the ball to go

This simple mindset can help you focus on a singular target and give your subconscious a clear plan. This helps you ignore the trouble.

#2 – Stay in the moment

Its all to easy when you may be having a great round to start letting your mind wander forwards into how many shots your handicap will reduce to or what prize you may win and it’s usually at the point that it all starts to unravel in front of you. Only focus on the one shot that your are facing at that particular moment in time and don’t dwell on previous shots or what’s coming up in front of you.

#3 – Play your game

Have a game plan set out before you start your round and regardless of what is going on during the round just stick to your game plan and then add it all up at the end. I tend to see that when someone is playing with a lot of freedom at the start of the round they play great but when the realise how well it’s going they tend to play different clubs in order to try and protect the score and it’s at this point that it all seems to go wrong.

Strength of mind is a great asset so controlling your thoughts is very important to give you the best opportunity to play your best golf and as a very famous golfer once said…..

“golf is a game that is played on a 5 inch course – the distance between your ears. (Bobby Jones)


If you need any help with your game don’t hesitate to get in touch..

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