Short game measured practice

How can we tell when we are practicing tat we are actually improving.?

If we can measure our practice sesion then we can monitor the improvement. One of the best practice games that i play and that i recommend to all players when talking abou the short game is a game called PAR 18. This involves using the short game area where we have 9 flags on the green. I would chip to hole 1 and then putt out. Then repeat this process for all 9 holes on the green and mark down your total score. Lets say that we play this game for the first time and chip on and then 2 putt every hole. This would add up to 27 shots over the practice session. We now have a score to beat for the next time we practice it.

If we pracice this lots and start to reduce our score we can see improvement.  If we want more of a challenge then we could hit 2 balls to each target and then play the worst ball and see how we score doing that. This type of practice is known as ‘the bradman effect’. It is a fantastic way to practice becuase we are making the practice sesion more challenging than the real game so that when we do play it seems easier.

As we are using score within our practice session we are actually practicing pressure aswell. This is because when we practice with a score in mind we are giving a consequence to evry single shot that we hit. This will help us to deal with the pressure shots better in competition.

Give it a try and if you need any help with your game dont hesitate to get in touch.


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