How should i practice?

Time is of a premium these days so we need to make sure that however much time we can allocate to practice we need to maximise the benefit.

Most people turn up the range and just start hitting ball after ball into what is basically a large open field. This is nowhere near as much benefit as practising with a purpose. The first thing we need to establi1411385002709_wps_34_AUCHTERARDER_SCOTLAND_SEPsh is a target and then don’t just stand in the same place and hit to the same target 100 times, instead vary your target so you are aiming at a different point with every shot and also vary the club that you are using to better reflect an actual game of golf.

Why not play 9 holes of golf around your favourite memorable course…. in your head! What i mean by this is lets start on the first at Leamington. We would hit a driver, so imagine the left and right side of the fairway down the range using what ever targets are there and see if we can hit onto our imaginary fairway. Then lets hit a rescue club to leave us short of the ditch and then change club and hit a 90 yard wedge shot. Repeat this through our imaginary 9 holes of golf. This is much better than just standing in the same place and, do what i call, machine gun balls down the range one after the other in quick succession with the same club.

We should also spend a great deal of time on 100 yards and in. We have a great short game facility here at Leamington where we can play from all areas around the green and hit to different flags on varying slopes. It really is well worth while if you have the opportunity. Its where i spend any of my spare time.


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    Another Thornton masterclass

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