Nicky Hearnden – Hearnden & Weston Wealth Management

I am a new beginner to the game of golf and started up having some lessons with Chris. Having never played the game before I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to get started and would embarrass myself. However, Chris was a model of patience and encouragement. His knowledge was vast and I believe that ha has the ideal character for any beginner to the game of golf. He put me at ease and praised me when things went well, and gave me encouragement when things weren’t going to plan.
Having now had about 6-7 lessons of an hour Chris was eager to get me out on the course rather than just watch me hitting balls on a driving range. This was a real boost for me to go out there and see what the game is really all about. Again, Chris put my nerves at ease immediately and encouraged me just to enjoy the time out on the course.
I can now officially say that I have caught the bug for the game. I feel that if I had not had Chris’s support during the early stages then it would have been easy for me to give up within the first 20 minutes as the initial lessons can be extremely frustrating, and were it not for his level-headed encouragement I would have walked away .
Chris not only can focus on the technical aspects game, but really it his positive mentality and his ability to transfer that across to other people that sets him apart from other people I have had experience with. His knowledge and passion for the game shines through and I would not hesitate to recommend him to any new beginner.
Nicky Hearnden – Hearnden & Weston Wealth Management
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