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Sometimes getting too comfortable with a golf course can actually hurt our game. Playing the same course over and over often requires that you hit similar shots over and over. I say similar because we will never play the course the exact same between two rounds but you will often have similar distances to greens — on par 3s for example. Now certainly if you are playing a tournament or an important round that is the time where you want to be as comfortable as possible with the golf course, but if you really want to improve your game you need to take yourself out of your comfort zone.

This game is all about giving yourself options. There is deffinitely not only one way to play this great game. I believe that the greatest players of our generation have incredible imagination around the whole golf course. When we think of the most exciting player with the most imagination my thoughts are brought imediately to Seve. In his pomp he could find a score from just about anywhere. Gary Player was interviewed about Seve and stated

“while most champions of the age could concoct around 20 ways of shooting 65, Cantabria’s most charismatic son (Seve) had closer to 1,500”

Do you think you are getting to comfortable? If so why not try these tips to boost your imagination.

1 – Limit yourself the next time you play by only taking out a small selection of clubs and see how well you score.

2 – Hit a completely different club than usual from every tee box and then play in normally from this new position.

3 – At the driving range try and hit every club in your bag only 100 yards (one of golfs legendary instructors – Jim Flicks personal favorites)


Give these a try and lets get creative.

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