What can we learn from Jordan Spieth’s historic Masters Victory?

After watching the Masters at the weekend i wondered how a 21 year old Spieth can win one of the most sought after trophies in golf, the Green Jacket. So what we take away rom this fantastic achievement?

1 – Keep your emotions in check

Spieth seemed completely calm whether he hit the desired shot or not, his emotions were kept under control and he wasn’t blaming outside influences like crowds, wind, lie etc. This was a man in control. There is a great proverb “a fool shares all their feelings while a wise man keeps them in check”

2 – Have a game plan

Winning is no fluke. He had planned everything .What clubs to hit of each tee, which side of the fairways to be on, where to be on the green depending on the flag position. When you have game plan make sure you stick to it.

3 – Use previous failure to motivate upcoming success

In 2014 Jordan came extremely close to winning the Masters and ended up in 2nd place after a few errant shots on the back 9 on Sunday. How would he feel after this? most likely devastated but he used his past failures as great learning lessons for this years Tournament.

4 – surround yourself with a great team

Jordan has a great team of people around him all pulling towards the same goal. A great example of this is Michael Greller who has been Jordans full time caddy since 2011 Us Amateur Championship and as Jordan is quite a fiery character they gel well together as Michael is a very calm individual.

so to sum up – control your emotion, plan your attack,learn from your failures and surround yourself with diversely talented individuals to help you succeed and if you need any help with your game don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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  1. Phil Garner says:

    Never mind Jordan speith, but what can you learn from Chris thornton?
    How too enjoy golf again

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