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“Don’t hit it harder, hit it better” Jack Nicklaus

Never underestimate the importance of striking the golf ball in the centre of the club face. Lots of players stand on a tee box and try and swing the club outrageously fast, thus sacrificing how accurate they are at hitting the sweet spot.

To maximize consistency and distance focus your attention on hitting the centre of the face rather than just over aggressively swinging the club.

So, how can we check our strike? The answer is simple. There are a couple of options.

Option 1 – Use impact tape

club face



Option 2 – (a little more off the wall but widely used) use athletes foot spray and spray the face of your driver.

club face 2





Both of these options will give you a better understanding of how accurate your impact is on the club face. Its really important to practice until you can repeatedly find the centre of the face to maximize distance.


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