Be careful what you watch……

There is a wealth of information on the internet when it comes to golf instruction but beware.

Whilst it may be interesting to trawl through the internet in search of “the secret” to the golf swing it can be incredibly detrimental to your own golf game. There is no such thing as the perfect golf swing


As you can see from the picture above featuring Matt Kuchar ( left), tiger woods (centre) and Jim Furyk (right) the positions at the top of the backswing vary greatly but still achieve fantastic results. What is important is how the club returns to impact.

If I asked you all “is Jim Furyk’s golf swing good?” I doubt anyone would say yes! I would say that it is a fantastic golf swing because it REPEATS.  He has a clear understanding of which direction his golf ball is going and over the years has amassed him career earnings of $62 million Dollars with 26 worldwide tournament wins including a Major Championship (US OPEN, 2003) and multiple Ryder Cup appearances.

During all of the golf lessons I give I am only interested in improving a players impact so any changes that I make would have a direct bearing on improving a players impact and would have no bearing on if it “looks pretty”

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