The future of coaching

“Ive just been fortunate enough to have a weeks holiday and as you can imagine I took lots of golf literature with me. I read a really good piece by Tony Bennett, the Director of Education and Membership at The

What can we learn from Jordan Spieth’s historic Masters Victory?

After watching the Masters at the weekend i wondered how a 21 year old Spieth can win one of the most sought after trophies in golf, the Green Jacket. So what we take away rom this fantastic achievement? 1 –

The Masters!!!!!

With one of the most eagerly anticipated golf competitions looming ever closer i thought i would share my translation skills for you when it comes to watching some american golf coverage…..             (pic courtesy of

need any help from fairway bunkers?

A fairway bunker shot can be a real challenge for some players but if you follow these simple tips im sure your results will improve: – take an extra club. – choke down on the grip. – play your ball

Lets get creative

Sometimes getting too comfortable with a golf course can actually hurt our game. Playing the same course over and over often requires that you hit similar shots over and over. I say similar because we will never play the course

Even the Pro’s need lessons

I thought I’d share with you all the proof that I’m a student of the game just like everyone else and I definitely haven’t mastered it…… Yet! This Friday here at the Inclusive Golf Academy at Leamington and County Golf

Harrington’s heroics

        If there was ever a story to give us all inspiration then this was it.   Padraig Harrington won The Open in 2007 and 2008 plus capturing the US PGA Championship in 2008 before falling down the

Short game measured practice

How can we tell when we are practicing tat we are actually improving.? If we can measure our practice sesion then we can monitor the improvement. One of the best practice games that i play and that i recommend to

Am i using the right golf ball?

Bridgestone ball fitting event. The same science eye motion ball fitting system that is used to custom fit golf balls to Tour players is available to you for FREE. I have arranged for Bridgestone to host a custom ball fitting

How should i practice?

Time is of a premium these days so we need to make sure that however much time we can allocate to practice we need to maximise the benefit. Most people turn up the range and just start hitting ball after