Attack or lay up??

imageThere are many different ways to play this fantastic game. 2 examples would be Bubba Watson and Zach Johnson. One is very conservative and one is very aggressive on the golf course.

Bubba Watson seems to attack every hole by bombing a driver off the tee as far as he can and taking dead aim at all the flags. Any Par 4 that looks even remotely reachable off the tee he will be hitting a driver and will be going for most Par 5’s with his second shot.

imageZach Johnson is a much more conservative player, he positions his golf ball around the course trying to leave himself very comfortable yardages into greens. He plays most Par 5’s in regulation and is exceptional from 100 yards and in.

Which of these styles is right?…… Arguably both. Both have been good enough to win the coveted Green Jacket at The Masters!

Golf is a very individual sport and these players have found out which style of play seems to work best for them. My advice would be to spend the next few rounds of game with a specific plan before you tee off. I would play a few rounds hitting driver from every tee and hitting every iron shot straight at the pin, basically being very aggressive with every shot. Then I would spend the next few rounds playing very conservatively, this may mean hitting irons or fairway woods off more tees to hit the fairway more often and I would play for the middle of the green regardless of where the flag is. Spending a little bit of time doing this will allow you to see which style of play seems to suit you best. It may mean that you find out which individual holes you play better when being aggressive and when being conservative. This would allow you to have a strategy of how to play the golf course before you tee off and regardless of how the round is unfolding just stick to your strategy because ultimately most of us are playing the same golf course most of the time so we need to find the best way to manage our way around it to shoot the lowest score.

Personally those of you that have played golf with me may have noticed that I only hit driver 3 times when I play Leamington. I use a lot of fairway woods and irons off the tee because this style of play seems to suit me the best.

Give it a try you may be surprised with the results.

and as always if you need any help with your game don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy golfing

Chris Thornton

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