Short game measured practice

How can we tell when we are practicing tat we are actually improving.? If we can measure our practice sesion then we can monitor the improvement. One of the best practice games that i play and that i recommend to

Am i using the right golf ball?

Bridgestone ball fitting event. The same science eye motion ball fitting system that is used to custom fit golf balls to Tour players is available to you for FREE. I have arranged for Bridgestone to host a custom ball fitting

How should i practice?

Time is of a premium these days so we need to make sure that however much time we can allocate to practice we need to maximise the benefit. Most people turn up the range and just start hitting ball after

Contact matters!

“Don’t hit it harder, hit it better” Jack Nicklaus Never underestimate the importance of striking the golf ball in the centre of the club face. Lots of players stand on a tee box and try and swing the club outrageously